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First Baptist Church of Cannonsburg

Ashland, Kentucky

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A Brief History

First Baptist Church of Cannonsburg was begun in a little wooden store building in 1930.  Our charter was granted by Fairview Baptist Church in Ashland in 1931.  Since that time the community has grown greatly and so has the church.  We are a Southern Baptist Church which cooperates with the Greenup Association of Baptists and the Kentucky Baptist Convention.  We hold to the New Hampshire Confession of Faith of 1833. 
     In 1941 the lot was purchased where the first sanctuary was to be built.      
     In 1949-1951 the sanctuary was constructed; its dimensions were 65' x 100' x 35.5'.  The building was completed without any indebtedness against it.
     In 1953 the members voted to buy the remaining plot of land which was about six acres.
     In April, 1962 the church voted to build a parsonage which was completed in August of the same year at a cost of $9,370.00.
     In 1967 a ground breaking was held for the present sanctuary which was dedicated December 3, 1967.  John Ivey, Director of Missions for the Greenup Association delivered the sermon.  The note of indebtedness was burned was burned on  August 7, 1977.
    In 1978 the old sanctuary was converted into an educational building with eight classrooms and an office.
     In 2000 another groundbreaking was held to begin construction on a fellowship hall.  This building consists of a half-court gym, kitchen, two restrooms, five classrooms, storage room, and mechanical room.  The two story building measures 50' x 100' and was constructed at a cost of $445,000.00.  The dedication was held on Homecoming Sunday in September,2001 with Asa Greear, Director of Missions for the Greenup Association preaching the dedication sermon.  The note of indebtedness was burned in May, 2006.
The pastors who have served the church since its founding have been:
     Eli Williams, Sept, 1930-Dec. 1931
     R. N. May, Dec. 1931-1933
     V. N. Maggard, May 1933-1936
     S. M. Meade, 1936-1943
     V. N. Maggard, Apr. 1943-1944
     C. W. Caudill, Apr. 1944-1957
     Ora Slone, 1957-July 1961
     (Without a pastor for ten months)
     Alonzo Outland served as interim pastor in 1965
     Charles Mitchell, Jan. 1966-1968
     Cecil Fultz, Feb. 1969-Oct. 1977
     Wade Williams served as interim pastor, Dec. 1977-May, 1978
     Carl Gallion, June 1978-May, 1981
     David Walters, Sept. 1981-Nov. 1984
     Gordon Duncan served as interim pastor, Jan.-Mar. 1985 then as pastor Mar. 1985- Dec. 1986
     Stan Williams, Apr. 1987 to the present time.